The Walk

The walk route is as follows:


August 2, 2014  Leave International Falls, MN for Ericsburg, MN

8/3/14  leave Ericsburg, MN for Ray, MN

8/4/14 – 8/6/14  leave Ray for Orr, MN

8/7/14  leave Orr for Gheen Corner, MN

8/8/14  leave Gheen Corner for Cook, MN

8/9/14  leave Cook for Idington, MN

8/10/14  leave Idington for Britt, MN

8/11/14  leave Britt for Virginia, MN

8/12/14 – 8/13/14  leave Virginia for Central Lakes, MN

8/14/14 – 8/16/14  leave Central Lakes for Twig, MN

8/17/14  leave Twig for Duluth, MN

8/18-8/19/14  heading south of Duluth

8/20/14  going through Nickerson

8/21/14   going through Duquette, Kerrick and Bruno

8/22/14   going through Askov

8/23/14   going through Sandstone

8/25/14   going through Hinckley

8/26/14   going through Pine City and Beroun

8/27/14   going through Rock Creek and Rush City

8/28/14   going through Harris to North Branch

8/29/14   leaving North Branch for Stacy

8/30/14  starting just south Stacy and going through Wyoming to Forest Lake

8/31/14  leave Forest Lake for Bald Eagle Regional Park (north of White Bear Lake)

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