Minnesota Miracle:
Creating a Perpetual Fountain of Food

As you explore this website, you can find the information on the Minnesota Miracle effort, how to donate, a list of donors and a link to our Facebook page which chronicles the 300 mile walk that kicked off the endowment, pictures and more info.  PLEASE consider donating and being part of something that will live on as our legacy of helping to end hunger in Minnesota.  Be part of the MIRACLE!!

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Coates RV kindly donated the use of an RV to serve as our home base for the trip

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I presented myself at the State AFL-CIO Convention in Rochester Minnesota in September of 2012 and began a journey that ended when I finished my 300 mile walk.  The walk began on August 2, 2014 in International Falls and ended at Bald Eagle Lake on August 31st.  It’s time to talk about the Minnesota Miracle and who’s responsible for creating it!  If I miss anyone that has become a part of this adventure it’s only because so many came on board with their support!

From the time I received a resolution of support from Trade and Labor across the state, I spoke with the leadership throughout Minnesota whenever allowed the opportunity.  Each and every time I presented the Minnesota Miracle to those individuals and organizations, I left with their support and donation.  Letter carriers, steel workers, pipefitters, boilermakers, nurses and teachers, carpenters and electricians, communication workers, painters and operation engineers and construction and general laborers-- to all of you, THANK YOU so very much!  You are responsible for creating the Minnesota Miracle!  We now have a “Perpetual Fountain of Food” in Minnesota that will continue to provide nourishment eternally.  Prior to the Christmas Season this year, the Minnesota Miracle was able to donate 15,000 meals.  Youthway Ministries in Blaine, Merrick Community Service in Saint Paul, and the Quad City Food Shelf in Gilbert Minnesota were the beneficiaries.  All of those that believed we could create the Minnesota Miracle can be proud to say you did it!  I may have walked the 300 miles but with each step made, it was the belief in you that turned those mere steps into miles and smiles!  And to the hundreds of men and women that I had the privilege of meeting on this journey, you’ve made my heart full of promise and good will.  Everyone had heard the saying that behind every good man is a better woman and I’m no exception.  I thank my beautiful wife Joan for sharing this journey and giving me the strength and intuitive direction that guided my every move!  She’s my miracle!

Now it’s time to ask all that are reading this story to become part of the Minnesota Miracle.  We’ve created the eternal fund but the demand is great for food for our children and elderly and grows every day.  Even with great organizations like Second Harvest Heartland and Hunger Solutions, the need is constant.  Every dollar that goes into the Minnesota Miracle Ending Hunger Fund, is never spent!  The larger the fund becomes, the more interest it draws and the more food it will provide.  This is the one thing that makes the Minnesota Miracle different from those already working hard to end the hunger in Minnesota.  It’s common business sense!

In the coming months and years I’ll be continuing my effort to find ways to make the Minnesota Miracle grow!  At this time I’m working with individuals and organizations to set up benefits to add to the Fountain of Food!  Should anyone hear about anything that will benefit the enlargement of the Minnesota Miracle Ending Hunger Fund, please come on board with your support and donation.  I had the goal of raising enough funds to create the endowment and because of all of those that gave their support, we’ve done that and more.  Every dollar donated is tax deductible and every one spent is accountable and deserved.

This web site is eternal as well!  Any organization or individual that contributes to the Minnesota Miracle will be noted on this site.  If you don’t see your name listed it’s only because I haven’t received the quarterly report.  It’s my responsibility to list you and promise to keep the donors listed. This is a miracle created by Minnesotans and when we’ve made our state “hunger free” it will be the first place on the face of the earth!  I’m proud to be a part!

Eternally yours,

Gary Charles Fitch

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